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Old News:

Apr 19th 2012 The band survived the Pirkanmaa Tour! Thanks to all-  especially to sound man Pietsu!

Apr 12th 2012 The band will be gigging at Pub 66 (Friday 13th) and at Morgan Kane (Saturday 14th) in the next weekend. Welcome!

Feb 17th 2012 The band has been rehearsing and many new songs will be heard on the upcoming gigs in spring 2012. You can see and hear the band at Kummisetä on March 2nd to 3rd or on "Pirkanmaa Tour" on April 13th and 14th.

Jan 5th 2012 Happy New Year! Not much to say... The band shows signs of activity 6 months after the latest gig. :-)

May 24th 2011 Long time  - no update...:-) After a half year break the band is now alive, kicking well and gigging well! :-)

Apr 23th 2010 The band has been recording at Studio Sound (Mikko Tegelman's studio). A quite long gigless period will have a break on May 12th when Tamonas is on stage as a house-band at Wanha Satama. The event is the annual Kuopio Educational Services Spring Party and it is private.

Dec 15th 2009 The band had a nice and active autumn. Seven gigs were made as a new line-up. Now we'll have a Xmas break. We are also planning to record our material in 2010. Merry Xmas!

Nov 14th 2009 Tamonas Novas tonight on stage at Intro! Show time 11.15 p.m. Welcome!

Oct 20th 2009 On Dec 12th Tamonas Novas will be on stage at Pub 66 in Virrat. "Get your kicks on Route 66!"

Aug 27th 2009 Tamonas Novas has been booked by State Provincial Office Of Eastern Finland to perform at a gala in Kuopio on Sep 18th. The band bows and says thank you!

Aug 26th 2009 The first appearance with the new line-up took place at Cafe Fado. Both the audience and the band were pleased. Band was said to be more relaxed than ever. Also the new songs got a warm welcome.

Jun 24th 2009 All the best for the rest of the summer! On 21st of August Tamonas Novas will be on stage at Cafe Fado with the new bass player and some new original songs! Go to <GIGS> to see the details.

Jun 16th 2009 Bass player Mika Grön has joined the band. Welcome Mika!

Jun 1st 2009 A new bass player has been rehearsing with the band. We will have a small break until the bassist has learnt our repertoire. The gigs will follow not until in August or September. Have a nice summer!

Mar 23rd 2009 The Cafe Ensemble theme gig at Fado was a success! The audience was fond of the idea and also fancied the music!

Tamonas Novas will be at Fado again on May 1st. Welcome!

Feb 4th 2009 Black Coffee or Tea For Two? On Saturday 21st of March at 4.30 p.m. Tamonas Novas goes "jazzy" and plays coffee, tea and coffee house oriented songs at Cafe Fado.

Tickets 10 € (includes coffee/tea and pastry or café-au-lait and chocolate). Ask tickets at Fado, Puijonkatu 15. Max. audience is 50. Welcome!

Aug 21st 2008 Tamonas Novas is activating. We had two gigs in August and we have been rehearsing some new material. New songs titling "Paljain jaloin" (Bare footing), "Keltainen kuu" (Yellow Moon) and Johanna (Joanna :-)) have been played and arranged during the latest rehearsals. "Paljain jaloin" was also performed for the first time on a gig at Pannuhuone.

Jun 19th 2008 Tamonas Novas has had a small break in rehearsing and performing. Each of us has been quite busy studying, working or just doing other things. Even some new demo-recordings has been made by Jorkki and Hese... The next gig will be on August 15th at Pannuhuone, 8.00 p.m. Welcome! Have a nice summer and Midsummer especially!


Sep 14th 2007 "One particular member of the band" did it again! Exploring too closely the secrets of a circular saw causes a few weeks pause on band's rehersals. The finger tip is going to be OK but the issue is: is the man (who luckily still owns the finger) going to learn anything of this?


Tamonas Novas on stage at Pannuhuone on Friday Aug 31st 2007. Welcome!


Jul 11th 2007 Tamonas Novas in series of articles "Our Band" on the local newspaper Savon Sanomat.


Jun 5th 2007: Drummer Jarmo Partanen has joined the band. Welcome Jarmo!

Apr 7th 2007: Tamonas Novas is (once again) looking for a drummer...

Nov 15th 2006: Drummer Panu Heikkinen has joined Tamonas Novas. Welcome Panu!

Nov 30th 2006: Tamonas Novas is looking for a drummer...

Heikki Hintikka, guitar and keyboards, has joined Tamonas Novas. Welcome Heikki!

In August 2006 a new guitar/keyboard player has been rehearsing with Tamonas Novas. Sounds promising. More later...:-)

Tamonas Novas has got a soundman of its own. Paavo Pyykkö engineered the gig at Wanha Satama on May 12th. Welcome Paavo!

Tamonas Novas on stage at Wanha Satama in Kuopio on friday 12th of May and on wednesday 24th of May.

Ari Lahtinen announced at the end of the year 2005 that there's no time for him to play in the band anymore.

Tamonas Novas on stage!

The first gig of the new 6-man line-up took place at Onni Pub on November 26th 2005.

Great thanks to the audience, Onni Pub, MacCoy and Timba!